What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is the University of New England's Australian Medical Student Association (AMSA) Global Health Group. There is an AMSA global health group in every medical school in Australia. All groups are networked through AMSA and through this are able to create policies and instigate change on a local and national level.

Founded in 2010 by a few dedicated students ASPIRE has grown substantially in that time. Working off very little funding, we were able to present to the local community several opportunities for education and skills that relate to global health. 

What does ASPIRE do?

Our primary goals are to educate the student and community population about global health issues and the positive steps that they can take to promote global health equity. We have over 30 active members who campaign and run events for the students of the University of New England and the wider community. Through our fundraising events in 2011 we raised $3500 for the Burnet Institute of Medical Research and in 2012 we raised $2750 for the Barbara May Foundation. We hope that in 2013 with your help we can increase our fundraising capacity for our chosen aid project, and reach a more diverse audience more frequently.


What events does ASPIRE do?

Our first event is The Barbara May Foundation Fundraiser. In 2009 Dr David Browning founded the Barbara May Foundation to raise funds to support the work of his sister Valerie Browning and son, Dr Andrew Browning in Ethiopia.  

The Barbara May foundation seeks to support health services in the developing world to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.  

In 2004 David was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to medicine, particularly as an obstetrician and gynaecologist.  

David Browning will present an exciting intriguing speech about his amazing life and the Barbara May Foundation.

Other events include our Birthing Kits Morning Tea where we team up with Armidale Zonta to construct birthing kits to send to developing countries to help reduce maternal deaths.

ASPIRE Members making birthing kits

We have our Maternal Skills Day; this day is dedicated to expectant mums. We give students a head start and help prepare them for their overseas and rural placements by providing them with some basic skills to manage obstetrics and neonatal complications.

The most anticipated event this year is Red Party. Red party is the biggest party you will attend this year. The concept of the Red Party is simple: a great party with a 'red' theme, recognising the international colour of AIDS. We have glow sticks, condoms, drink deals and maybe even a photobooth. It's a party not to be missed.

There are many other events and fundraisers held throughout the year too, stay tuned into our Facebook page for regular updates.


How can I get involved in ASPIRE?

It's easy, just like our Facebook page

Or contact